Transboundary biodiversity conservation

Prokletije/Bjeshket e Nimuna mountains - view from Lake Shkoder (Montenegro/Albania) towards Kosovo.

Apart from efforts related to the establishment of a transboundary biosphere reserve in the Altai mountains, we have been active in the Balkans area, where we work with partners from Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo. The topics are related to adaptive conservation management and transboundary conservation. In January 2013, we organized a training course for students from Tirana Agricultural University.


In September 2013, an international module with participants from 7 countries, including Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo, targeted the Prokletije or Bjeshket e Nimuna mountains. The projects in Southeast Europe were funded by DAAD.

Further transboundary conservation activities include those connected to projects within the European Beech Forest Network as well as to Korean Baekdu-daegan conservation.