MIRA: smartphone compatible field monitoring for conservation

Using an App to bring field observations and conceptual model-based monitoring plans together

MIRA is an innovative smartphone application (App) for conservation field observation and monitoring. Currently being tested in pilot sites in Kenya (funded by WWF UK) and Guatemala (funded by OroVerde/ BMZ/ IKI), the hope is to prove that systematic documentation of project-relevant information, gathered in the field using a simple App can easily be incorporated into a predefined project monitoring plans at a later date.


The App supports monitoring of indicators of threats and targets identified through strong design processes and planning phases.   It can also be used to capture and record additional events and information that may not have been foreseen or expected during the planning phase but could have an influence on the project.

Through piloting and testing, the aim is to deliver an App that will import and export data in various forms such as Excel Files (i.e. CVS), XML and planning software such as MIRADITM.

Is your organisation interested in learning more about the App? We’d be happy for you to get in touch with us and discuss your development ideas, opportunities and/or cooperation with the APP.


For more information check out the MIRA webpage!