Insensa-GIS, a new software for GIS data analysis, index development, sensitivity analysis and environmental assessments

Insensa-GIS has been initially designed for spatial index development and sensitivity analysis but provides many other functions for statistical analysis of geographical data in different formats. Furthermore, it allows displaying maps, graphs and statistical outputs.


The specific purpose of the software offers the possibility to create weighted indices based on different indicators.


The clearly arranged graphical interface and the intuitive handling of the software make it a very easy to work with geographical data in Insensa-GIS. The software is designed as open-source software and allows a user-friendly integration of plugins. This makes it very easy to extend the functionality of the software and to adapt it for individual needs and purposes. The homepage also offers a forum for developers and users to exchange ideas and make suggestions for further functions that could be useful and integrated in Insensa-GIS.


Have a look at the Insensa-GIS homepage to get more information about the software and to download it for free.


INSENSA-GIS has been programmed by Dennis Biber and the conceptual ideas of the software have been developed by Lisa Freudenberger.

INSENSA GIS is licensed under the Gnu Public Licencse (GPL)

It has been developed under the mandate of



We would like to thank all funding partners. The research project was funded by the Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz (Germany), and the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture with resources from the European Social Fund and the Federal State of Brandenburg.