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The hot and dry extreme summers of 2018 and 2019 are causing a major forest crisis. In Germany, a dispute on adaptation of forest management to climate change unfolds. We plea for a shift towards ecosystem-based solutions. Many foresters seem to underestimate the power of ecosystems and overestimate their own wisdom. Interview in Deutsche Welle television:

+++ 26 February 2019. The city of Treuenbrietzen and Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development launch the joint project CleverForest (Climate-adaptive, ecosystem-based, versatile and resilient Forest) dedicated to investigating ecosystem-based approaches to forest restoration after wildfire. A large area of Treuenbrietzen forest was burned in August 2018. The Centre for Econics and Ecosystem Management proposed the cooperation and conceived the project, together with the Treuenbrietzen communal forester Dietrich Henke. Several national media reported (e.g., interviews in Deutschlandfunk Kultur or radioeins rbb) +++


The Centre for Econics and Ecosystem Management has contributed to the establishment of the

and is one of its co-implementers on behalf of Eberswalde University for Sustainable development.

+++ 16 October 2018. The German-French TV channel ARTE broadcasted a critical 98-minutes documentary on the FSC label, with case studies from Africa, South America, Europe and Asia. The title is "FSC - Forest Stewardship Council: FSC: can an eco-label stop the forestry industry?" (German title: Die Ausbeutung der Urwälder. Kann ein Öko-Siegel die Forstindustrie stoppen?).The Centre supported the producers providing some technical advice. Centre research - in the context of our project in the Arkangelsk Taiga, Russia - plays a role at the end of the documentary +++


+++ 14 June 2018. First paper on effectiveness of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council published in Challenges in Sustainability. Amongst others, we conclude that large-scale clear-cutting practice within Intact Forest Landscapes, which means the logging of primary forests, feeds doubts about the consistency of FSC and its credibility +++

Forest use in Arkhangelsk region, Russian Federation (photo. P.L. Ibisch)


+++ In December 2016, a  research report on roadless areas was published in Science - a Centre team led the research. Check out our specific website:


According to Dimensions (June 2019), compared to other publications in the same field, the paper A global map of roadless areas and their conservation status in Science  is extremely highly cited and has received approximately 24 times more citations than average. 

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We define Econics as an approach to studying the dynamics and functioning of (complex and holarchically nested) ecological systems with the aim of deriving management solutions for natural resource-dependent socio-economic systems as a gateway towards sustainable development under global change.