Consultancy and projects


Various projects for different donors allow us to explore and apply the principles of econics and ecosystem management. We continuously document ongoing and concluded projects. So far we present projects in ten different thematical fields:


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Biosphere Reserves

Climate change adaptation

European Beech Forest

Participation of the civil society

Road ecology & roadless areas

Strategic conservation planning

Sustainability standards

Sustainable land use

Transboundary biodiversity conservation

Transformation processes

Forest-related projects and activities

Ökosystembasierte Transformation der Forstwirtschaft 


We have worldwide experience with consultancy work especially related to adaptive management planning in ecosystem management, systemic analyses of risk and vulnerability, and strategic planning in ecosystem-based sustainable development. We especially use systemic vulnerability assessments for the formulation of adaptation strategies at conservation sites (MARISCO).


We also offer practical training courses and advice for curriculum development.

MARISCO has been applied across biomes and cultures



Workshop on climate change vulnerability of Nanji Wetlands, Jiangxi, China
Workshop on climate change vulnerability of El Sira Communal Reserve, Peru (with local participants and representatives of the GIZ).