Dedication to Wilhelm Barthlott

Wilhelm Barthlott in Ecuador (Otonga Reserve) (photo: Christoph Nowicki)

On the occasion of his 65th birthday, we dedicate our efforts and achievements in creating the Centre for Econics and Ecosystem Management to Wilhelm Barthlott, pioneer in biodiversity science and bionics. His research results and discoveries, such as the Lotus effect or the map of global plant species diversity and other global biodiversity maps, inspired generations of students and researchers, and continue to stimulate studies in the theory and application of sustainability. 



Field work in Ecuador (photo: Christoph Nowicki)

As a visionary scientist, director of the Botanical Gardens in Bonn, and as founder of the Nees-Institute for Biodiversity of Plants his methods and distinctive approach to research has encouraged many of us to embrace big ideas and projects without losing the necessary attention to small details.


Personally, as his student, Pierre Ibisch, is deeply indebted to Wilhelm Barthlott for introducing him to the world of biodiversity, and especially for the manifold and undying support, facilitating a career in ecosystem management and biodiversity conservation.

Pfeiffera asuntapatensis (M. Kessler, Ibisch & Barthlott) Ralf Bauer
Wilhelm Barthlott during his retirement ceremony, July 1st 2011
Pierre Ibisch and Wilhelm Barthlott, Bonn, July 2011 (photo: Bonn Univ.)