Climate change adaptation

Anthropogenic climate change has become a major global challenge. It is one of the main contributors to the global loss of biological diversity causing accelerated rates of species extinctions, ecosystem changes and altering environmental conditions. If biological diversity is to be protected on the long term it is inevitable to take climate change into account in ecosystem and resource management and to adapt adequately. Climate change adaptation is not only a matter of selecting adequate strategies and finding new solutions, but it also questions the way and effectiveness of conventional practices of ecosystem management and conservation. Our aim is to adapt ecosystem management to a changing world taking already existing best practices as a fundament and to enrich them with new approaches in order to support climate-change integrated ecosystem-based sustainable development.


Projects related to climate change adaptation

Currently running:

Ecosystem-based Adaptation in Ukrainian Biosphere Reserves



Bernau.Pro.Klima - Adaptation to Climate Change in Bernau through Ecosystem-based and Participatory Spatial Planning (in German)




Participatory and ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change in Barnim county, Brandenburg

Altai Transboundary Biosphere Reserve

Adapting conservation to climate change in Brandenburg

Management concept for the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, Ukraine

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