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We are deeply dismayed and saddened by the aggressive and unlawful war against Ukraine and wish to express our strong solidarity and attachment to our Ukrainian partners.


We stand by the side of UKRAINE, our colleagues, partners and friends.



ukraine.support@hnee.de  - www.supportukraine-eberswalde.de 

In 2005, Eberswalde students travelled to Ukraine for the first time and established the first contact with the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve. Since 2006, we built up the partnership with Ukrainian partners such as the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve. Since then, excursions with HNEE students to Ukraine have been organised every year. Numerous joint project activities followed, among others on the topics of biosphere reserve management and UNESCO World Natural Heritage. In the meantime, cooperation has been established with several biosphere reserves and universities in different parts of Ukraine. A special aspect of the cooperation is transboundary and peace-building nature conservation. There are joint activities and projects with partners in western and northern Ukraine as well as in Moldova, Romania and the Russian Federation.


From 2015 onwards, the cooperation between the HNEE and the UNFU was intensified. Since then, there has been a very intensive academic exchange between students and academics every year. The partnership is underpinned by various projects funded under ERASMUS+ and DAAD programmes. They deal with civil society engagement in sustainable forest management, transboundary cooperation in teaching and practice, ecosystem-based sustainable development, ecosystem services, conflict prevention in Eastern Europe, UNESCO biosphere regions, sustainable transformation, cooperative learning to the development of jointly implemented modules. 


The Centre for Econics and Ecosystem Management has contributed to the establishment of the biosphere.center and the Biosphere Reserves Institute .